My Experience with Social Media

When it came to social media, I was initially like the guy in the second video. I avoided it, didn’t want to be one of the ‘sheep.’ Then, I went through a divorce. I was bored and wanted to resume and rekindle old friendships. I joined MySpace and Facebook, and I’ve been addicted to social media ever since.

It has gotten me into trouble at work. Not REAL trouble, but once Facebook got its hooks in me, people at work noticed the amount of time I was spending on site – replying to posts, taking quizzes about what kind of potato I am – that kind of thing. Occasionally, I’d notice another friend in the TV news business post something newsworthy, and that would let me justify my time on Facebook as a news-gathering endeavor.

I am fascinated with the efforts to monetize social media in this new digital landscape. In my most recent role as the Assistant News Director at ABC7 in Sarasota, Florida I oversaw a newsroom staff of 53 people – three of them were solely dedicated to the digital product. I believe that once Content/TV stations figure out how to adequately monetize the digital side, that newsroom staff ratio will tilt heavily in favor of digital content producers. So, the research from the Internet Trends that shows digital revenue on the rise will eventually make me look like a genius, although I was stepping out on a pretty steady limb.

Moving forward with this class, I’m recognizing that I have a very surface level knowledge of social media and how it works. As I transition into my role as Communications Director for a major metropolitan hospital, I need to know more about creating content for social media, quantifying it and applying a metric that lets me gauge its performance.